About Us

  • Experienced forwarder
  • Total solutions for transport
  • Personal approach
  • Flexible and reliable

Who are we?

DNA United Forwarders B.V. was founded in 1992 by K. Bakker and has since grown into a medium-sized forwarding company with branches in Breda (Hazeldonk).

Our Services
Total solution from taking care of transports from all over the world (land/sea/air) to customs clearance, trucking, warehousing and all other handling. We work together with (exclusive) agents on an equal basis. Our customers are both producers and traders, whereby we mainly focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our experienced staff are operationally very hands-on and think only in terms of solutions and not problems. They guarantee quality, and the management strives to ensure that this quality can be delivered in the best possible working environment.


Arco Bakker General affairs, day-to-day management
Lars Beerens Forwarder - Switzerland, Scandinavia, Baltics
Abdel Daoudi Forwarder - Greece | Italy
Bram Timmermans Forwarder - Germany
Aldin Mitkov Warehouse employee
Bianca Vermaas QHSE Manager
Charlotte Tielen Customer Support Warehousing
Danny van Nunen Warehouse employee
Demi van der Heiden Forwarder - Sea freight / Air freight
Dirk Jan Koornneef Senior Manager - Sea freight / Air freight
Dolf Ebskamp Manager Business Development
Ferry Willemsen Warehouse employee
Frans Legen Office Manager - Facility, accounting, ICT
Jamie Wolff Forwarder - Spain, Portugal, Turkey
Jan Verschuren Warehouse employee
Jean Paul Groot Manager Roadfreight
Jeannet van der Beek Order entry
Jeffrey Hock Warehouse employee - X-Dock and NAC fan!
Jesper Legen Administrative assistant
Jurian Michielsen Forwarder - Benelux and Great Britain
Klaas Bakker Founder of DNA United Forwarders
Laurens Mohrman Forwarder - Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and other CEU
Leonie Lubbelinkhof Administrative assistant
Maarten Dikker Sales representative
Marco Timmermans Manager Operations
Mario Timmers Key accountmanager
Martin Blommers Warehouse employee - X-Dock
Michelle Ploemen Customs declarant
Pascal Nagtegaal Forwarder - Sea freight / Air freight
Patryk Ossowski Warehouse employee
Paul Verhoeven Customer Support Warehousing
René Wirix Manager Customs
Riley Buis Warehouse employee
Rogier Graaf Manager Finance
Samuel Habtom
Samuel Habtom Loodsmedewerker
Silvan Dorpmans Warehouse Supervisor
Toby Withagen Warehouse employee
Ugur Evci Customs declarant
Victor Lambregtse Forwarder - France
Ogun Bayram Customs declarant
Sam Beerens Warehouse assistant BBL
Priscilla Plaizier
Priscilla Plaizier Order entry
Chantal van der Kruijssen Expeditie Benelux
Yeter Ertas
Yeter Ertas Loodsmedewerkster
Joost Vermeulen
Joost Vermeulen Warehousing

Our working methods

Logistical issues

DNA United Forwarders can solve all your logistics problems. We strive for a logical, responsible solution that works for both your organisation and ours. We do not lose sight of the preconditions. We are an innovative long-term partner and prefer a long-term relationship to a quick score.

Worldwide partners

Thanks to our permanent partners all over the world and our own IT solutions, you are always up to date. You can ask all your questions to your (if desired) own account manager, or simply directly to the relevant forwarder.




Companies that participate in international trade can apply to Customs for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. Such a certificate offers them all kinds of advantages in international trade. For instance, Customs grants various facilities for physical customs checks to businesses with AEO status.



Certification of products, processes, management systems and persons is a transparent way to make your organisation more efficient, safer, manageable and sustainable, and above all, to open the way to quality improvement.



Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) is the largest and leading representative body in the freight transport and logistics services sector. TLN represents the interests of its more than 6,000 members (ranging from small transport companies to large logistics service providers).

Our relationships

Personal approach

We at DNA seek out our relations in the SME sector; through a personal approach and contact, clients know what they can and may expect from DNA.

Because we are a medium-sized company ourselves, we know exactly how things work in a small or medium-sized business and adapt our working methods accordingly.


Many possibilities

The advantage DNA has over a small forwarding office for all our relations is that we have more possibilities, but still have the personal contact, and compared to a big forwarding company we can offer the same, but it remains personal.

Our employees generally work with us for several years and in a fixed department, so they know your goods and the corresponding solutions. We have a solution for all questions you or your organisation may have.

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