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We are an international forwarding company located in Breda, the Netherlands. Whether it concerns road transport from Poland, sea freight from Singapore or air freight to Australia, it is all possible at DNA United Forwarders. We offer international road transport, sea freight, air freight, express transport and container transport for various companies. DNA United Forwarders is a professional company specialised in transport and logistics and when you start a cooperation with us you are assured of high quality.

Our services


Road transport

DNA United Forwarders in Breda is a forwarding agency that provides international road transport for various companies. Throughout the years we have developed into more than just a forwarding office, for example by driving fixed vehicles to fixed destinations. We believe it is important to always live up to our agreements and always work with a personal approach.


Sea freight

DNA United Forwarders in Breda is more than just a forwarding office - we are also your experienced sea freight forwarder. Thanks to our many years of experience with sea freight, we have built up a large network of agencies all over the world.

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Air freight

From our office in Breda, we handle all airfreight shipments. Although we do not have our own office at Schiphol Airport, we do work together with an exclusive partner. This partner has its own warehouse space at Schiphol and operates on a 100% neutral basis.


Express Transport

For many years, we have offered both production and trading companies total solutions in the area of goods transport. We have a large network of permanent agents all over the world. For transport to any destination in Europe, you can rely on us.


Container transport

We have extensive experience in transporting all kinds of sea freight, including containers. Over the years, we have built up a large network of agencies all over the world, which are able to send and receive any kind of container transport, both LCL and FCL, in the right way.



DNA United Forwarders B.V. is a freight forwarder, where you can arrange shipments for sea transport, road transport and air transport to a large number of destinations all over the world.

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