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An important part of our forwarding business is warehousing. You can always turn to DNA United Forwarders for the storage of your goods or any other logistics process. Storing your goods involves many things and therefore this is a service best left to a specialist. Does your company need storage in the Netherlands? We are happy to help you with our expertise.

What is warehousing?

Warehousing defines the process of temporarily storing goods to be sold or distributed at a later date. Specifically, the term warehouse refers to the space where this storage takes place. 

Goods are typically stored in specially designed warehouses known as warehouses. These warehouses are designed for the temporary storage of goods, both short and long term. It is often used by different parties, such as manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and transportation companies. In many cases, companies choose to rent part of such a storage facility, sometimes even if they also have their own warehouses. These external storage options allow manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and similar companies to avoid having to keep large inventories in-house. This often provides attractive benefits, both in terms of space savings and cost efficiency within the field of warehouse logistics. The right "warehouse picture" can therefore significantly reduce the cost of storing goods.

Options when storing goods

Do you want to store goods? At DNA you will find several warehousing options. We offer storage options for a broad category of goods, including customs, AGP (Excisable Goods Place) and free goods. Whether you need storage for a day, temporary storage for several months, or even long-term storage for several years, we adapt to your specific needs.

Our storage warehouses are designed with good security. They are optimally secured against burglary and theft, so you can store your goods with peace of mind. Both on the outside and inside of our warehouses, we have taken the necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety of the goods stored.

Storing goods with us means that you can count on high-quality storage facilities, where we treat your valuable goods with the best care. Our staff is ready to support you and ensure that your storage needs are fully met. Is it about storing small quantities or large batches of goods? We have the expertise to meet your expectations.

Combining order picking with warehousing of your goods

Upon entering our warehouse, all shipments are checked and put away in a fixed location, such as in our private bonded warehouse. All shipments in our warehouse are processed in a WMS (Warehouse Management System) to accurately record and manage all goods in storage with us. For this reason, we have a complete overview of the location of your goods at all times. It also allows us to provide you with valuable information, such as the turnover rate of your stored goods, giving you better insight into managing your stock. Would you like to have a shipment prepared? We can put this together however you like, for example by making a shipment neutral. It is also possible to arrange your international road, sea or air transport with us.

Opt for the excellent service at our forwarding office

You ask and we take care of it. That is the service you will enjoy if you opt for warehousing at forwarding agent DNA United Forwarders in Breda. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? We will be happy to help you if you contact us. You can reach us at (076) 596 44 44 and


Our team

Sam Beerens Warehouse assistant BBL
Toby Withagen Warehouse employee
Silvan Dorpmans Warehouse Supervisor
Samuel Habtom
Samuel Habtom Loodsmedewerker
Riley Buis Warehouse employee
Paul Verhoeven Customer Support Warehousing
Patryk Ossowski Warehouse employee
Martin Blommers Warehouse employee - X-Dock
Marco Timmermans Manager Operations
Jeffrey Hock Warehouse employee - X-Dock and NAC fan!
Jan Verschuren Warehouse employee
Ferry Willemsen Warehouse employee
Danny van Nunen Warehouse employee
Charlotte Tielen Customer Support Warehousing
Aldin Mitkov Warehouse employee

Discover our services


Road transport

DNA United Forwarders in Breda, the Netherlands, is a forwarding agency that provides international road transport for various companies. Throughout the years we have developed into more than just a forwarding office, for example by driving fixed vehicles to fixed destinations.


Sea freight

DNA United Forwarders in Breda, the Netherlands, is more than just a forwarding office - we are also your experienced sea freight forwarder. Thanks to our many years of experience with sea freight we have built up a large network of agencies all over the world. Both LCL (less container load) and FCL (full container load) shipments are sent and received in the right way.



We offer warehousing facilities for both customs and free goods. You can store shipments with us for whatever period of time suits you - from one day to several months or even years. Our warehouses are optimally secured against burglary and theft.


Air freight

Would you like to have airfreight shipments handled by a professional forwarder? From our office in Breda, the Netherlands, we handle all air freight shipments. Although we do not have our own office at Schiphol Airport, we do work together with an exclusive partner. This partner has its own warehouse space at Schiphol and operates on a 100% neutral basis.



DNA United Forwarders B.V. is a freight forwarder, which offers sea, road and air transport to a large number of destinations all over the world. We always strive for a logical, responsible solution that is most suitable for your company.


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