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Transport to countries or regions

Below is an overview of all the countries to which we can arrange your transport. Click on the country for more information.


DNA United Forwarders has been in existence since 1992. Our extensive expertise has allowed us to build an extensive network of agents. This has two advantages:

  • Your transport in Europe will be accompanied excellently.
  • In addition, we can work at competitive rates.

Transport to Western/Central Europe

From Paris to London and from Amsterdam to Dublin: for your transport within Northern Europe, DNA United Forwarders is your professional partner. We can help you with all kinds of cargoes. So are you looking for the ideal solution for transporting your goods to or from a destination in Northern Europe ? Then get to know our services quickly.

Each country has different options. For example, we provide European road transport, sea freight and air freight. Thanks to our partners worldwide, we can offer fast, reliable and high-quality transport. For example, do you have a cargo that needs to be transported to Switzerland by air? As a freight forwarder, we take care of the entire process from transport to customs formalities. But transport to Austria, for example, is also no problem. We have several partners around the world with whom we work intensively for transport to Austria and other northern European countries. Check out the possibilities below:

Transport to Scandinavia

From Copenhagen to Oslo and from Stockholm to Helsinki: When organising transport for your goods to Sweden, for example, it is important to take a number of things into account. How quickly do you want your goods to reach their destination? In what way do you want to transport your goods? Will you transport them yourself or call in a specialist for this? At DNA United Forwarders we are happy to take these matters off your hands. We can also arrange transport to other Scandinavian countries. Think of Norway, Denmark and Finland. Check out the possibilities below:

Transport to Eastern Europe

From Zagreb to Budapest and from Sofia to Riga: Do you have goods you would like to have transported to Eastern Europe? For example, by sea, air or road transport to Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, Gdańsk or any other city in Poland? We will be happy to arrange it for you.

Curious about all the options for transport Eastern Europe? Check it out below:

Transport to Southern Europe

From Barcelona to Istanbul and from Athens to Rome: for your transport within Southern Europe, DNA United Forwarders is your professional partner. You can rely on us for all your transport needs, for example to Italy. Thanks to our partners throughout Europe, we have several destinations our regular charters drive to. Because honouring our commitments and delivering high quality are very important, our partners are regularly tested on this. Would you like transport to a particular city in Italy, but it is not among our regular destinations? No problem at all! We also find the best solution for your transport needs in other destinations.

Whether you need transport in Europe to Portugal, Spain or any other country in southern Europe, DNA United Forwarders is there for you. We provide European road transport, air transport and sea transport. Check all possibilities for Southern Europe below:


When you let DNA Forwarders United handle your transport within Europe, you can count on a flexible attitude. This allows us to pick and choose the best options for your transport. Furthermore, reliability is important to us. We also like to keep you informed about the progress of your transport, so there are no surprises. Would you like to find out how DNA Forwarders United can help you with your transport? Then simply contact us on 076 596 4444 or