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DNA United Forwarders in Rijsbergen is a logistics service provider that provides international road transport for various companies. Over the years, we have developed into more than just a forwarding/chartering office, for example by driving fixed lorries to fixed destinations. We find it important to always honour our agreements and always work with a personal approach.

High-quality international road transport

DNA United Forwarders values quality and reliability in road transport. As a road haulage forwarder, we therefore work with a select group of charters and partners, which we have chosen carefully. In addition, they are regularly assessed on various crucial aspects. These checks include checking service quality, paying particular attention to how service-oriented our partners are.

Another important aspect on which we assess our partners is the maintenance of their equipment. It is important that the vehicles and other equipment used are well maintained to ensure safe and efficient operation.

We also pay attention to ensuring that our partners adhere to generally agreed rules and standards in the road transport industry. This ensures that we can provide a consistently high level of service and that our operations are in line with legal requirements.

We also actively encourage our partners to be socially responsible. This includes encouraging them to carry out environmentally friendly practices as much as they can, such as driving at lower speeds and using clean engines.

Our network is spread across several European countries, enabling us to offer high-quality international road transport. Examples of countries to which we provide road transport services include:

With our extensive expertise in quality and sustainability, we are a reliable partner as freight forwarder road transport in Europe.

Always a fitting solution for road transport

At DNA, the focus is on fulfilling each customer's specific needs and requirements. We understand that every transport issue is unique and requires a tailor-made approach. Thanks to our extensive network and expertise in international road transport, we are able to offer diverse and flexible solutions that accurately match your expectations.

Our goal is simple: if we do our job well, you can fully concentrate on your own business activities without worrying about transport. We aim to create a win-win situation for both you and DNA through reliable, efficient and customised road transport. This applies not only to large, bulky transports, but also to smaller, more detailed shipments.

With groupage transport, for instance, we offer the possibility of combining smaller shipments. This is a cost-effective solution for customers who do not have the need to fill an entire truck, for example. Combining loads allows us to work efficiently, resulting in lower costs and reduced environmental impact. There is also the possibility of container trucking.

Make use of our excellent road transport services

Would you like to use the expertise of DNA United Forwarders in Rijsbergen in the field of international road transport? Feel free to contact us by calling (076) 596 44 44 or sending an e-mail to

Our Team

Victor Lambregtse Forwarder - France
Mario Timmers Key accountmanager
Laurens Mohrman Forwarder - Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and other CEU
Jurian Michielsen Forwarder - Benelux and Great Britain
Jeannet van der Beek Order entry
Jean Paul Groot Manager Roadfreight
Jamie Wolff Forwarder - Spain, Portugal, Turkey
Bram Timmermans Forwarder - Germany
Abdel Daoudi Forwarder - Greece | Italy
Lars Beerens Forwarder - Switzerland, Scandinavia, Baltics

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What do our customers think of us?

Of course it is great that we at DNA do what we promise,
but what do our customers really think of us?


Cepro International B.V.

Dolf van den Groenendal

I was looking for a carrier who could take care of our import and export shipments to the Czech Republic. The contact with DNA is very pleasant and personal, which gives me the feeling that as a customer they are taking care of everything. The latter is very important to me and because of this they are now my regular forwarder for all shipments to the Czech Republic, Italy and the larger pallet shipments within Europe.


Metal Service Europe

Dirk Kruijs

As DNA's oldest client, we think it is wonderful how this family business, which started out small, has grown into a well-known name in the transport sector in the Netherlands. Despite its growth, personal contact has always remained and in our opinion this says everything about DNA's way of working. Short lines of communication allow us to respond immediately and enable us to meet our clients' wishes. This is why we are and will remain loyal to DNA for many years to come.


Lamboo Dried & Deco

Geert Bossers

We at Lamboo Dried & Deco have been working with DNA United Forwarders for some time now. The personal approach in the contact works fine. Appointments are met well and when something changes in the planning, this is carefully reported. Our customers also appreciate DNA's service. Appointments run smoothly, which relieves us as a supplier. DNA has turned out to be a reliable partner so there is no need for us to look elsewhere.


TB Brown

Mieke Bos

I have been responsible for transport within TB Brown for the past two years, working with DNA. There is a lot involved in what might seem a simple transport assignment. Fortunately DNA is able to support us. DNA has a lot of knowledge and experience, which they are happy to share. Everything can be brought up and discussed, such as wishes regarding delivery or questions about the process. Up to now, we have always been able to find a solution and we experience the cooperation with DNA as very pleasant.

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