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Importing and exporting: many entrepreneurs have to deal with one or both of these issues. And that often does not happen to everyone's pleasure, because customs matters often cause extra administration as well as extra worries. What about excise duty, the clearance of goods or the import declaration? And these are just some of the terms you have to deal with when you arrange the import and export of goods yourself. Fortunately, you can also outsource this part of your transport to DNA United Forwarders. Because we not only take care of the transport of your cargo and possible storage, but also arrange everything related to customs. 

Import declaration with DNA United Fowarders

Whether you import your cargo by plane, ship or truck from a country outside the European Union, all goods must first be checked by customs. During this process, called customs clearance, customs determines how much VAT and import duties you have to pay. If you have a large cargo with many different products, the process of filling in the required customs forms can be quite a chore. It is important that the customs declaration is done accurately, as mistakes can lead to delays and possibly to paying more tax than necessary.

At DNA United Forwarders, we know exactly what the current rules are for clearing goods and can help make your imports run smoothly and reliably. This also applies to the clearance of goods, which is necessary when you want to export stuff. We make sure that both clearing goods in and out efficiently, without unnecessary delays or costs.

From customs goods to release of goods into free circulation

When your goods are not yet in free circulation in the EU and are in customs storage, they are called customs goods. At DNA United Forwarders, we can handle the entire customs storage for this period internally for you. That means we ensure the safe and compliant storage of the goods while customs formalities are handled. In addition, we accompany the entire process of releasing your goods into free circulation. This means we help complete all the necessary procedures so that the goods can be traded freely within the EU, without you having to worry about it.

Excisable goods? No problem with DNA

Yes, even when it comes to products subject to excise duty. We can handle the complete administration surrounding excisable goods for you, including the application for and management of an excisable goods warehouse (AGP). An AGP is a specially approved place where excisable goods can be stored and processed without having to pay excise duty directly. This allows you to efficiently manage and optimise excise processing, which can save time and costs.

DNA United Forwarders: for your global transport including all customs matters

Are you looking for a total solution for your transport? Then in DNA United Forwarders you have found the right partner. We can arrange every conceivable type of transport for you worldwide and also take care of the logistics, including customs warehousing and the AGP. Would you like to know more about customs goods, free goods or import declarations, for example? Or how we can help you with your freight transport? Then feel free to contact us at (076) 596 44 44 or!

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