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Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of our society, and sustainable business is becoming a top priority for many companies. An effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is to opt for sustainable transport. DNA United Forwarders is an excellent partner for transporting your goods sustainably. In fact, we work towards the lowest possible carbon footprint for all our transports.

CO2-neutral transport and other sustainable measures

There are plenty of steps you can take within your own organisation to contribute to sustainability. Some examples include using renewable energy, LED lighting and separating waste, which you can actively use to reduce CO2 emissions. However, the challenges become greater the moment you rely on external parties, such as a logistics provider. In such cases, it is important to investigate how these companies implement sustainability in their operations. For example, DNA United Forwarders pays specific attention to sustainability practices when selecting suitable transport partners.

Sustainable transport at DNA United Forwarders

As an international logistics provider, we play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions. An example of a measure we implemented in 2022 is the administrative handling of euro pallet exchanges. Reusing pallets locally and not physically transporting them reduces the need for additional transport. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. It also leaves more space available for customer freight which results in additional savings. Trucks therefore need to drive less frequently, which lowers the carbon footprint of transport.

Groupage: perfect for sustainability in transport

We also contribute to CO2-neutral transport by using groupage. This means that we combine several smaller loads into one large one. The truck driver then loads and unloads at several addresses on one transport route. This efficient method leads not only to fuel savings, but also to cost savings. Groupage is especially advantageous for companies that regularly send smaller shipments.

DNA United Forwarders: all areas of sustainable transport

Besides our commitment to sustainable transport, our expertise and excellent service are also good reasons to choose us as your transport partner. We offer a wide range of international transport services, including sustainable road transport, air freight, express transport, sea freight and container transport. You can rely on us for all your freight transport needs.

Sustainability is therefore an important pillar for DNA. Thus, since July 2023, we have also been located in Business Centre Treeport with our premises. This business centre is built entirely on our common pillar of sustainability. DNA invested in BCT because the business centre has the ambition to be one of the best and most sustainable in the Netherlands. This includes ecological water facilities, lots of green elements and sustainable fuels. In addition, energy is generated by three windmills and all business buildings are equipped with solar panels and a solar panel park. Thanks to its location on the A16 motorway, between Antwerp, Breda and Rotterdam, BCT is very easy to reach. 

Get more information about sustainability and transport

Would you like to know more about how DNA United Forwarders handles sustainable transport? And are you also curious about our rates and total solutions for your freight transport? Then feel free to contact us. To do so, please call (076) 596 44 44 or email!


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Cepro International B.V.

Dolf van den Groenendal

I was looking for a carrier who could take care of our import and export shipments to the Czech Republic. The contact with DNA is very pleasant and personal, which gives me the feeling that as a customer they are taking care of everything. The latter is very important to me and because of this they are now my regular forwarder for all shipments to the Czech Republic, Italy and the larger pallet shipments within Europe.


Metal Service Europe

Dirk Kruijs

As DNA's oldest client, we think it is wonderful how this family business, which started out small, has grown into a well-known name in the transport sector in the Netherlands. Despite its growth, personal contact has always remained and in our opinion this says everything about DNA's way of working. Short lines of communication allow us to respond immediately and enable us to meet our clients' wishes. This is why we are and will remain loyal to DNA for many years to come.


Lamboo Dried & Deco

Geert Bossers

We at Lamboo Dried & Deco have been working with DNA United Forwarders for some time now. The personal approach in the contact works fine. Appointments are met well and when something changes in the planning, this is carefully reported. Our customers also appreciate DNA's service. Appointments run smoothly, which relieves us as a supplier. DNA has turned out to be a reliable partner so there is no need for us to look elsewhere.


TB Brown

Mieke Bos

I have been responsible for transport within TB Brown for the past two years, working with DNA. There is a lot involved in what might seem a simple transport assignment. Fortunately DNA is able to support us. DNA has a lot of knowledge and experience, which they are happy to share. Everything can be brought up and discussed, such as wishes regarding delivery or questions about the process. Up to now, we have always been able to find a solution and we experience the cooperation with DNA as very pleasant.

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